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Multiplier Events Date:30.07.2019

Dissemination of the project in Italy

In terms of the aim, objectives and commitments to National Agency, each partner from Turkey, İtaly, Romania, Slovenia organized one Multiplier Event in the months of July and August. Total 164 people participated in the four different meetings in four countries. Various associations and public bodies out of the Project partners were invited to those events. Specific to Turkey, important decision-makers of our province took part in the Turkey dimension of those meetings. In order to impower the connection between the organizations in educational field in local context of each country and to introduce our intellectual outputs produced within the concept of our Project by high-interaction methadologies, we provided that minumum 42 people from Turkey and 30 people from other partner countries (each) participated in those meetings.

These local multiplier events have became the most extensive dissemination activities among other activities in which we introduced our Project and its outputs on intermediate level so far. In these meetings intellectual outputs produced within the concept of our Project was introduced and their future innovative impact on the vocational education was discussed in details using brainstorming method with the participants. Additionally, we also put some problems of the vocational education related to our Project’s interests on the table and different Project ideas was presented by the participants as suggestions in these meetings. An interactive method was followed in the meetings in which everbody who wanted to speak hold the floor and shared their opinions with the other participants rather than traditional hall meetings which only provides dais for pre-determined speakers.

At the end of the meetings, participants and Project team evaluated two years term of the Project. Those evaluations were made orally and important points were taken as notes by Project team. The most significant evaluation was about VoGoP (Vocational Good Practices Platform) which got a lot credit by the participants, and its sustainability even after the Project.  Especially,  the people from the business world who would like to back our platform made us really happy.


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