Country Meetings

Meeting Date:6.11.2018-7.11.2018

Meeting in Slovenia

The third meeting was in Novo Mesto which is an hour away from Ljubljana in Slovenia. Out partner Grm Novo Mesto is one of the biggest vocational school in Slovenia. They are specially professionalized on agriculture. They have very huge land to implement and carry out some agricultural activities.

The meeting in Slovenia took two days. During those two days we discussed the content of the book of the guide for the vocational education which is one of the intellectual outputs in our project.  Every participant expressed his/her own opinions about that book and e-book. All ideas are very valuable for us because bringing a book into life is very difficult task.

In the meeting there were 20 participants from all partner countries. Some of them are managers in their organizations.  Six participants from directorate of national education of Van city, Three participants from Mehmet Erdemoğlu MTAL, three participants from Yıldırım Beyazıt MTAL, 2 participants from Yuzuncu yıl University, two participants from IFOA,  Three participants from Mirceal Scarlat and two participants  from Grm Novo Mesto was ready at the meeting to decide the content of the book.

The participants agreed on the printed books number, language of the book, and the date of publication and how to deliver the copies to the partner organizations. The discussion about the content is still on progress. Because of lack of  the budget the book will be published separately in each language but e-book will consist of all languages together. 


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