Country Meetings

Meeting Date:18-19/06/2019

Meeting in Romania

The final meeting which took two whole days was the last mobility of the project. We gathered in Alexandria in Romania from all partner countries. In this last meeting every participant made a short speech which was about 15 minutes to explain his/her own ideas and evaluations for the whole two years. The participants made criticism on some points of the project as well as on their own.  It was very constructive meeting for every partner because we saw very new and supplementary points for the future projects. For example we have seen that if you can create a strong communication with your project partners you can see and get more than what you have given them in return. In this project we have been aware of that there is a strong trust among the all partners as well as participants.

There are many purpose of final meeting of this project which are;

-      Evaluating what we had done by that time,

-      Checking all intellectual outputs and decide if they are like how we had described at the beginning of the project and in the content meetings,

-      Determining the dates for the Multiplier meetings,

-      Evaluating the dissemination activities

-      Discussing if we have created aimed impact on target groups with this project.

The Main Agenda Items are;

-      The general evaluation about what had done by that time,

-      Evaluation of project activities specially intellectual outputs ,

        o      VoGoP(Vocational Good Practices Platform),

        o      Statistical Analysis,

        o      Efective ICT guide book.

-      Planning activities in the multiplier events,

-      Evaluating of Dissemination activities,

-      Evaluating the impact of the project ,

-      Planning the future possible activities such as  projects, partnerships, networking etc,

-      Officially ending of the project.


Outcomes of the meeting:

-      The task of each partner by the end of the project,

-      The liabilities of partners about the intellectual outputs and its dissemination ,

-      The required minimum and maximum expectations from the partner organisations in multiplier event meetings ,

-      The date of multiplier events,

-      The checklist of the project’s goals,


In this meeting 1 participants from ISTITUTO FORMAZIONE OPERATORI AZIENDALI from Italy, 3 participants from Grm Novo mesto - center biotehnike in turizma from Slovenia, 3 participants from Colegiul National Pedagogic "Mircea Scarlat" from Romania, 2 participants from Mehmet Erdemoğlu MTAL, 2 participants from Yıldırım Beyazıt MTAL, 1 participant from Yüzüncü Yıl University and 5 participants from Van İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü were ready as partners from Turkey.



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