Country Meetings

Meeting Date:3.7.2018-4.7.2018

Meeting In Italy

The second meeting was in Italy. We went to the city of Reggio Emilia which is located in the north of Italy. Our partner in Reggio Emilia is IFOA that is one of the biggest training centers in Italy. They offers many trainings and courses for the every individual who want to learn something.

The meeting in Italy took 2 days. During that time we discussed the content of  VoGoP which is the only free educational platform which offers special courses across the Europe and crated in scope of our project “Peace With ICT”.  Every partner expressed their own opinion about that platform. All ideas were very valuable for us because the platform will be used by the students in Europe and in partner countries so all contributions mattered.

The top directors of directorate of national education of Van city also participated the meeting during those two days. Three participants from directorate of national education of Van city, Three participants from Mehmet Erdemoğlu MTAL, two participants from Yıldırım Beyazıt MTAL, 1 participants from Yuzuncu yıl University, Three participants from IFOA,  Three participants from Mirceal Scarlat and three from Grm Novo Mesto was ready at the meeting to decide the content of the next generation educational platform.

We all agreed that there must be videos, presentations, documents and sheets in this platform. Also, every student is able to benefit the platform by reaching every content of every trainer. The platform will be in 5 different languages which are English,Turkish, Romanian, Italian and Slovenian. In this platform everyone who registered will be able to share and download all the documents in the VoGoP platform.


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